JOseph P. asHbrOOK

Joseph P. Ashbrook (“Joey”) is an Ohio-born litigator and business advisor who draws on a unique blend of experience to help clients solve their problems. Joey was the editor-in-chief of the Virginia Law Review and a rising attorney in one of the world’s largest law firms but wanted to blaze his own trail and create a more agile practice. He provides advocacy in litigation and general counsel to small to medium-sized businesses for everything from start up to sale.

Joey grew up in a small manufacturing business started by his grandfather, holds an MBA, and worked in both small business and corporate America before studying law. He has a wide variety of high-stakes litigation and corporate legal experience but is also grounded in the day-to-day challenges of business and life.

Joey lives in southern Ohio with his wife Rebecca and their three children, where he grew up and remains rooted. While never shy to take the lead, Joey knows that he is just part of a bigger picture and enjoys helping others pursue their dreams.

Joey is admitted to practice in Ohio and Indiana.

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