Trial courts, appellate courts, federal or state—if you have to fight, fight to win.

We represent our clients on both offense and defense in state and federal courts, and when litigating, we put ourselves in the client’s shoes and fight for them as if we were fighting for our own family business.

What We Do

Personalized Litigation Strategy

We tailor our approach to meet our clients’ needs, and we understand the cost and stress of a lawsuit for the parties involved.

Our experience includes litigation in:

  • Trial Courts
  • Appellate Courts
  • Federal Courts
  • State Courts
  • Arbitration, and other forms of alternative dispute.

Examples of the types of litigation experience of our attorneys include:

  • Commercial contract disputes
  • Trade secrets litigation
  • Employment litigation, including discrimination claims and non-competition agreements
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Probate
  • Local Government Prosecution

How We Do It

We design a personalized litigation strategy to achieve the best result for you.

We use cutting edge analytical tools like decision trees and probability analysis to ensure you understand the risk and reward of each stage of a dispute. Sometimes the best outcome is a quick negotiated, confidential settlement and other times a case should be fought all the way to a verdict. Either way, we put you in the driver’s seat and arm you with the best advice and analysis. You can rely on our wisdom, judgment, and experience to help guide you to a prudent resolution.