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Jared M. Warner

Jared Warner is a former Fortune 500 General Counsel with a proven ability to navigate complex legal issues of all kinds.  Jared is a highly accomplished deal maker with well over $60 billion of transaction experience in both sophisticated corporate and law firm settings.  Importantly, Jared’s experience and mode of operation encompasses much more than simply being a legal subject matter expert.  Jared has and continues to function as a deep and broad based business executive, scaler, and problem solver. 

Jared is also a Partner in Fireroad, a unique venture capital firm that focuses on multiple forms of partnership with mission-driven entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Through investing, building, and buying, Jared focuses on creating tangible value of all kinds for all relevant business stakeholders.    

 Jared lives in Southern Ohio with his wife Michelle and two children. He is admitted to practice in Illinois.

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